Mazes By Joe

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Mazes by Joe Greetings and Welcome to “Mazes By Joe”! We are pleased and proud to present to you the captivating maze creations by the legendary maze artist, Joseph Barzantny.

Known as “The Wizard of Maze” and labeled “The Maze King of America” by Star tabloid, Joe was a child prodigy, and he was nationally recognized as a genius in his truly amazing craft.

Each of Joe’s maze puzzles is distinctly unique and challenging. His ability to draw you, the player, in on a seemingly smooth ride, will tantalize and totally baffle you as he develops his twists and turns, surprise switches and dead ends. He then takes you further and thicker into his “plot”, the depth and mystery of his labyrinth. His skill also beautifully employs the perfectly harmonious coordination of his scheming channels, spatially and artfully, inside his artistic illustrations and designs. On top of all this is the incredible fact that Joe’s work is not only freehand, but purely spontaneous. NoMazes By Joe drafting, no planning, and no…yes, no erasing! Many times, whether it was for a filming or during one of his live presentations, Joe’s audience was constantly fascinated by his “on the spot” flowing executions, not to mention being mesmerized by the final piece of art.

Not surprising that through the years, over and over again, Joe and/or his work have been called “amazing”! Each of his puzzles is just that. And if there is one supreme maze that stands out amongst all the other gems, it is his famous “Brain Maze”. This mind-boggler is his most popular and most published…and truly outstanding, in knowing that he whipped it out on a Sunday afternoon when he was eight and a half years old!

We hope you thoroughly enjoy Joe’s mazes and will want to see more and more!